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Making Your Place 100% Clean

Natures Path provides a reliable disinfection and sanitation solution for your home or business. Our all-natural formula is tested, approved and proven to kill over 170 pathogens. Feel safe and reassured with Natures Path at your service.

Our Services at a Glance

Natures Path performs complete sanitation and disinfection for residential and commercial properties – healthcare, food service, day cares and schools, hospitality and other establishments – in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

We Sanitize and Disinfect on Your Schedule

We understand that families and homeowners have busy schedules that require flexible scheduling options. We also understand that businesses have various needs based on multiple factors, e.g., volume of traffic, peak season(s) and recent outbreaks. Contact us and learn about our monthly, biweekly, weekly or flexible schedules.

Our Services are Being Utilized All Over the Country!

As cities and states have reopened throughout the 2021 calendar year, we have installed our disinfecting and sanitizing system solution in a variety of commercial properties throughout the United States. Read what some of our current clients have to say about Natures Path and our all-natural dry fogging system.

Why Choose Natures Path?

We Guarantee a

Healthy Environment

We strive to reduce infection and transmission rates by killing various types of viruses and other harmful substances using our hospital-grade, non-GMO solution.

Our Formula is

an Effective Solution

The Natures Path formula is all-natural and EPA, FDA, USDA, EU and JAS compliant. Our solution is tested, proven and approved.

Our Solution is Safe

for Loved Ones and Pets

Our formula is all-natural using

nontoxic, non-GMO, plant-based

ingredients and materials that are safe for your children and pets.

Our Formula is

OHSA Approved

Our solution is OHSA approved for use on food counters, aquatic life and plants. We're also able to sanitize public and private dining areas and employee workspaces.

Our Services Come

with Flexible Schedules

We are committed to working around your busy schedule and your business needs. Contact us today to learn how we schedule.

We Guarantee Excellent

Customer Support

Natures Path combines an all-natural sanitizing solution for your home or business with top-notch customer services and support.

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