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Your Health and Safety Is Our Top Priority

Natures Path has a complete sanitation system that can be used effectively for large areas. Our dry-fogging delivery system is simple, clean and effective. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Sanitation Through Fogging

For your health and safety, Natures Path introduces an advanced, effective way to keep your areas clean and sanitized. We use a high-tech dry-fogging system to help disinfect all surfaces and air spaces. 

Arthur V. Martin, Ph.D.

Click the image to learn about GICC LLC and the history of the development of Path-Away®.

Our Organic Solution

Click the image above to learn the science behind the all-natural Path-Away® formula.

Dry-Fog Backpack Unit

Click to view a presentation detailing the Path-Away® solution and backpack fog unit.

Applications Across Multiple Vital Industries

Natures Path is tested, proven and approved in a number of industries and business applications utilizing our M3 System® and dry fogging system. Beyond fitness centers, healthcare facilities, daycares and schools, and restaurants, we also provide sanitation services to North Carolina's poultry farm and agricultural industries.

Poultry Farm Industry

Read how our solution safely and naturally protects poultry on North Carolina farms.

GICC LLC M3 System

Learn how the M3 system® and the Natures Path solution protect businesses better.

Agricultural Industry

Read how the Path-Away® solution protects crops and prevents pest infestation.

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