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Committed to a Cleaner, Healthier Future in Charlotte

Natures Path is committed to providing high-quality, all-natural products and services that enrich the lives of our customers and employees. We live and work here. We are passionate about serving communities in Mecklenburg County and the surrounding areas.

Our Vision of Success is Organic

Our vision is to be the best all-natural disinfectant company in North Carolina by empowering our employees, providing extraordinary customer service and delivering positive results with safe and effective products.

Our "CIRCL" Dictates Our Core Values

Our first C refers to our competitiveness. We are creative and relentless in bringing both value and excellent service to our customers while continuously improving our performance.

Our I refers to integrity. We treat our employers and customers with respect, honesty and loyalty.

Our R refers to our focus on recognition. We strive to be recognized and respected as the disinfectant leader in Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas.

Our second C refers to cleanliness. We strive to provide a safe, all-natural and clean environment for our customers.

Finally, our L refers to our local community. We live here and we work here; we are committed to serving the local Charlotte, NC community and surrounding areas.

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