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Supporting Farms for Bountiful Harvest

Natures Path helps sanitize and disinfect farms in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Our goal is to prevent pest infestation and protect crops, and Path-Away® allows us to do so in a much safer, all-natural way.

Promoting Healthy Agriculture

Natures Path helps sanitize and disinfect farms in North Carolina. Our all-natural, certified-organic solution provides a safe alternative to insecticides and pesticides currently in use. Results from projects around the glove confirm the efficacy of our solution in improving crop sustainability and increasing crop yield among other benefits.

Treating strawberries grown in Labo, Camarines Norte (2018), the Path-Away® Solution was safer and more effective against diseases at 5% concentration than Fungicide. Click the image for more information.

Trials conducted at Midwest Grain Elevator (2012) proved that our solution better protected corn stored in silos from fungi genera and yielded more viable corn after six to eight months. Click the image for more.

Preventing Disease and Increasing Safety and Profitability

Converting to an organic, non-GMO, all-natural solution using Path-Away® eliminates the need for insecticides and pesticides on farms. In addition, the solution proves better in short and long-term trials in both preventing disease and increasing crop yields, which in turn will generate more product and more profits for farmers.

Compared to pesticides and insecticides, Path-Away® provides a much safer, all-natural solution to increase crop yield and decrease bio-burden from various diseases. Click the image to learn more.

The best method to stop disease, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic threat to crops is prevention. Click the image to learn how Path-Away® can safely protect a variety of crops including cannabis. 

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