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Your Poultry is Our Priority

Protecting livestock from disease-causing organisms is one of the many things we do best at Natures Path. We provide poultry farms in Charlotte, North Carolina with the sanitation and disinfection services they need.

Facilitating Hygiene and Sanitation

With the the United States accounting for 17% of the world's poultry meat production and 37% of the world's egg production, maintaining a safe, natural, disease-free environment for poultry farms becomes critical. That's where Natures Path and our Path-Away® Poultry Protectant solution come in. The results speak for themselves.

The Path-Away® Poultry Protectant helps decrease pest infestation, increase poultry weight, increase profits and more. Click the image to read a follow-up from our Wayland, Iowa client, turkeys R russ.

Three poultry farms in the U.S. incorporated Path-Away® into their operations and the results spoke volumes: reduced product loss, increased net profit and safer conditions. Click the image for more.

Protecting Poultry and Hatching Natural Solutions

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene is paramount when dealing with egg production. Hatcheries often use formaldehyde in their disinfection process. We would recommend switching to our organic, all-natural Path-Away® Solution, which is significantly less toxic and harmless to egg structure. This comprehensive report outlines all the benefits of Path-Away® solution. Let Natures Path help you protect your farms today.

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