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Real-World Results Prove the Efficacy of Our Solution

Natures Path is sanitizing schools, fitness centers, farms, healthcare facilities, restaurants and more all over the

country. Our findings across the board make it clear: our solution is 100% safe, cost-effective and extremely efficient.

Making Schools Safer for Our Children

Natures Path utilizes the Path-Away® solution developed by Arthur V. Martin, Ph.D., President of Global Infection Control Consultants LLC. Dr. Martin's breakthrough formula has been tested, proven and approved across thousands of applications, including educational institutions. Learn more about GICC LLC and their work here.

Results of a remediation process at Washington County School (2013) indicate that the solution neutralized elevated levels of airborne fungi in nearly 20 indoor spaces. Click the image for a full report.

Results after a remediation process at Montreat College (2011) confirm that the solution neutralized bacteria present in the Athletic Dept. after significant water damage. Click the image for the full report.

Improving Air Quality at Commercial Properties

Path-Away® has undergone rigorous testing over two-plus decades across multiple industries. Natures Path employs the M3 System® and Path-Away® Solution to ensure the safety of your local businesses, offices, fitness centers and more, especially while the world continues its comeback from the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Our solution's efficacy against surface bacteria and other pathogens makes going to the gym safer. Click above for a full presentation plus results of remediation at Fitness First Gym in Riyadh.

Corval Group (2021) installed the M3 System® to neutralize airborne fungi and other pathogens in their office buildings. Results showed significant pathogen reduction. Click the image for the full report.

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