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Naturally Certifying the Quality of Your Indoor Environment

Natures Path has a complete sanitation system that can be used effectively for large commercial and residential areas to kill over 170 airborne pathogens. Your health and safety is our priority. Gain full confidence in your environment – contact us today.

Natures Path at a Glance

Natures Path is a locally owned and operated sanitizing company united in one common goal; we are dedicated to helping fight the global pandemic. We take pride in providing excellent, all-natural sanitizing solutions for both our residential and commercial clients in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

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Professional Sanitation and Disinfection

Natures Path offers a complete sanitation system that disinfects large areas in an efficient, natural way. Our state-of-the-art dry fog application method is a solution that eliminates bacteria, viruses, funguses and even yeasts – over 170 pathogens in all. If you're looking for a safe and natural disinfectant solution, we're here to help

Safer, More Efficient and Affordable

We understand that conventional methods of sanitizing your homes and businesses can raise many concerns. Generally, the stronger the disinfectant, the more toxic it can be for your family, customers, pets and sensitive electronics. Similarly, the more thorough the cleaning process, the more costly and time-consuming it can be. Natures Path offers a safer, more efficient and more affordable solution to protect your family and your business.

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